Package From My Dad!

Tybee (2023)

And we're back! Sorry for the long hiatus but I needed it due to real life. Today we are taking a look at a package I got from my Dad today. Ever since I was a kid we went to Tybee Island in Georgia! I haven't been since the 90's and Dad is getting rid of his time share (he has had a week in August) so I asked him to get me a souvenir so that I could remember Tybee. Before I show the contents, I should show off this guy Dad sent me years ago (it'll make sense why when you see the new stuff!)

Sea Turtle

 So without further ado, the stuff from today:
 Kara! Everytime she needs to appear it seems lol. In all reality I just thought that it was cute that she layed on the shirt almost as soon as I spread it out for the photo lol.

Notice a trend? If not this one will definitely show it.
Sea Turtle

While I absolutely collect frogs, I also have a few sea turtles!  
 Well that's all for today but stay tuned as I show my purchases from July and August and my birthday presents from last month!

Tybee (2020)


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