Last year I didn't do a post on the Kinder Halloween guys cause I thought they were terrible but this year's? They are awesome! The ear (or horn) parts are a little pointy but otherwise they are perfect imo.  They (like many others) are jut 2 parts (Head and body) and a string (which I don't use). Unlike last year, but like the other years, these DO Glow In The Dark and like Kinder normally does, the non orange/brown ones glow very well! Now to take a look at the 4 that I have:

The witch looks pretty cool and glows very well. I like how the colors pop and how the typical G-I-D color works for her!
 The mummy is an interesting decision, in the fact that by doing these colors it doesn't glow as well as the witch or ghost. Unlike the werewolf, the mummy would have looked just as good (or better) in white and would have glowed better as well.
 I absolutely love the werewolf. He's my fave of the 4 that I have! He doesn't glow as well as the Ghost or witch but thats because he's so dark and honestly, thats how I prefer him. I don't think a green, blue, or even white werewolf would be as good. 
The ghost glows the best and I love his expression and fangs. I have less to say about him because he is pretty much what you expect.
 Here are all the ones that I have. Zombie (2019 I think), Witch, pumpkin, and ghost (2020), this tear's crew, and the 2 I have from last year. Last year's were pumpkins that had stickers and did not glow and are my least favorites from this collection!