Ads from the grave

  Hey everyone, today we are looking at some old ads from Halloween Past!

First up is this ad from 1985!

I love how they use a scared cat looking at the door to the basement for this ad.

Next up is this ad from someplace called pizza Inn. UPDATE: I did a search and according to multiple sources, Pizza Inn still operates to this day. It once had up to 500 locations but now only has 252 in the US. It also has international locations and has been around since 1958!

I like how the kids think that the ghost was a costume and how the ad does only silhouettes making it feel both creepy and not creepy.

Next up is an adults only party.
 I like how they use mostly words than anything to show its scary. You would think they could have used a cemetary since they say its creepier than one though.
 The above ad is pretty basic with a witch but its from 1935!
 This milk ad from 1939 us pretty cute. I mean a giant milk bottle? If I liked milk I think it'd be awesome! However as a erson who can't drink milk, that is the scariest thing lol.

 That's it for today, more to come. Also I might miss tomorrow, I am not feeling good.


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