Shelfie: Mario!

 As requested by my friend The Toy Box, here is my Mario shelf. It once was a box on the wall but I changed it due to having alot now and wanting to showcase properly. The org box is now storage and no longer on the wall.
 I still need quite a few, these were the only 3 I found in stores. I absolutely love these!
Notice the Tri-Force?
Hot Wheels.
I love the skeleton figures. 
The block figures in the pic are Lego.
Non Mario area. Pac-Man, Were Sonic and Pokemon! (Pac-Man was a gift from Brother Midnight many years ago!)
8-Bit Mega Man (told you I love the 8-bit style!
And Finally Spyro (gift from Cass many years ago) and Plant V Zombies. P V Z is probably only up until Halloween honestly!

  Well, thats it for today. 


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