My Little Mermaid Display!

 Today, I will show my Little Mermaid display. Sadly its a small area and therefore many items are hard to see! Also some pics came out fuzzy. Without further ado the pictures:


 Everything isn't even in the display! I have a colorforms book (reviewed in my very first post on this blog!) and some others. Hope to move the display someday! Even more posts to come.  


  1. Unda da sea! 😉 Very cool! You should do a Disney themed shelf with a variety of characters. Is there a grail Little Mermaid piece on your want list?

    1. I'll have to think on that (theres a lot) lol.

      on the shelf yeah i have not one but 3 disney (non Mermaid shelves!) I'll take pics soon now that they are pretty much finished!

  2. Awesome collection. Sebastian was always my favorite. What a game changer the Little Mermaid movie was at the time.


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