Introducing My Newest Blog......


As you are aware I love creating new blogs while ignoring established ones so I am proud to announce the newest blog in the family: Kara's Views. This is for those who just can't get enough of her (which I know is everyone of you!)

 The biggest difference about this blog from my others is U won't be doing much on it. Most will be transcribed by me or written by her!
 Here is a preview of her review of Origins HeMan (transcribed by me):

 "Meow meow, purrr. Hissssssssssss!"

Isn't that fascinating? There will even be some typed by her like this gem about a bird she saw outside:

"ghccghbjnjkb vghcfxfghvjhbkjnkjbvhgvfytdughkjnk hjgyfcytdftydftyfyugy hjgyufytfdtyfdytd!"

The new blog opens soon, oh and by the way... after years of no jokes... "APRIL FOOLS!"


  1. Ha! Good one.

    Although seeing what a pet can type when walking across a keyboard could be interesting.


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