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  Official return will be next week (finally close to finishing my displays after the move), but since I said earlier that i'd return in February, I thought i'd do this random post with random pics and thoughts (Road Ripper images from Google). Enjoy and see you next week!

CGI He-man with Ground Ripper set (yes I call it the Road Ripper)
I have no idea why though 😉

A Platypuss (my second fave animal) I got from Target!
Apple's Fraggle Rock series (Back to the rock) is actually very good and hope we get more! 
I also loved Ghostbusters: Afterlife!


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    1. Yep and Its very good, voices are very similar/ the same with the exception of Trash Heap and Matt. Doc is now an African american woman that is a college student (and she owns Sprocket). We also see more of the doozers than the original, the Gorgs are a little different in personality but not much. We also get more locations in the rock and mer fraggles!


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