I had plans to do Christmas posts but that didn't happen (hope to get some out next week). Couple weeks ago I had the stomach flu, was fine a day or two and got a nasty cold on Sunday which I still have, Been sleeping it off and coughing like crazy.  Body hurts from it, i'm miserable.  Just thought i'd check in so you'd know i'm alive. Oh on Wed, my Dr made me get a covid test and it was negative, so theres that at least.  

Now for some memes and pics that I found in a Google search:

(Unless your like me and live alone and can't send people to get stuff, then ONLY go out when you have to and only if you do NOT have Covid! Plus wear a mask!)


  1. Prayers that you heal well and feel better soon! I had a wicked sinus infection or cold over the weekend and into the early days of this week (also tested, not covid) so I can empathize.


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