Tasty Human Cat Treats

 In an effort to catch up, this is my second post today! The other is my skeleton Halloween display!

 It's not unusual for food to be targeted towards holidays but this is cool. Temptations has released Halloween Kitty Treats! I found out about the one I got Kara from Dinosaur Dracula! I got Tasty Human (though there is also a Catnip one.) These are available everywhere and the $8 packs come in a cool cardboard haunted house (which I am so using, I mean Tasty Human's has a witch car making a brew with a human in the cauldron, how great is that?)

 So the big Question, does she like it? You tell me.

She can be finicky with treats (but not normally cat food which is odd) but she absolutely loves these 'Tasty Human' ones. Should I be concerned? lol. I think the funniest pt of the package is that it says no human parts are in this. I will sau this I do have one fear. When I ask her if she wants some tasty human that a neighbor will overhear and i would have some explaining to do lol.   Tasty Human in case you were wondering is a mix of chicken, liver, and beef flavors!