Cereal Squad - Halloween Series!

  I didn't know this but last October toys were in General Mills Cereal. Those were the basic 6 mascots in this series but in regular looks, this series has them in Halloween costumes and 3 rares: the Monster cereal Mascots! I got 5 uniques and 2 dupes but that is the name of the game.
 They are pretty flat but otherwise are pretty cool. They are definitely great cereal premiums!
 The 5 that I got are:

 Count Chockula
Trix Rabbit
and Lucky!
 The sides of the boxes create Count Chockula's castle if you get all 6 boxes!
 Thos os my display area for them :)

Bonus Pics:
A furry danger stalks the oblivious heroes!
 GID Character masks that were on the box of General Mills' cereals years ago!


  1. Awesome. real toys in a cereal box. So rare these days.

    1. Agreed. Sometimes they have mail a ways but other than premium cereals like the Funko ones, I haven;t seen anything like this for years!

  2. I got Sonny and the Cinnimoji. These are great cereal premiums.

  3. Quite cool! Never knew this even happened!

    1. Yeah they are still in boxes but are becoming rarer.


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