#600: Pumpkin Rapper!

 Wow this is my 600th post. Today's post focuses on the Pumpkin Rapper from Power Rangers!  

 I got this figure as a early birthday present early this year from my friend Cass. I knew then I would wait until October to feature it. He is one of only 3 Lightning collection figures I have. When I started, I had decided to only do Mighty Morphin, that way I could control it. 

 The figure is based on a character that appeared in the episode "Trick or Treat" from the first season of MMPR! In it, Kimberly and Skull compete on a Halloween/Lets make a deal like game show. This aired in May of 94. I will say Pumpkin Rapper's rapping got annoying.

He came with many vine accessories (one seen here) and 3 pumpkins. they are so that you can recreate this scene (minus one I guess):
 I only have Pink so here's how it looks.

And here are all 3 of my Lightning Collections next to each other!


  1. This is the only Lightning Collection figure I own and I pop him to display with my collection of jack o'Lantern/ pumpkin figures. He's quite funny!


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