31 Days Of Halloween, plus A Praying Mantis!

 For the start of the countdown I will be doing minimal commentary. Why? A few days ago (as of me typing this on the 15) I got informed that our building is now condemned. So I will be working on moving stuff to my new place as we only have 6 days now. I wanted to make sure I have the countdown covered for the beginning as I have no clue if my net will be on then!

  Wow can you believe it? Its already October! Of course we all know what that means: 31 Days of Halloween (now in its 6th year!) For today'd post I thought that I would show off a couple Mantis' I saw recently.

This guy I saw on my way to catch a bus last month!

 The one above (and below) is one that took up residence in my window! I had to catch and transport him. 2 other neighbors have spotted him as well at their places.

 Come back all month as we take a look at toys, decorations, old ads, and much more!


  1. Must be that time of year. I saw two Mantis' in Virginia here in the last two days. Haven't seen them all year.

    1. Has to be then. These were the first i've seen in ages. I did find out that they mate in fall unlike most animals.


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