1984 K-Mart Ad Highlights

  As I continue to work on unpacking, most of my stuff is still unavailable so I am continuing the newspaper stuff I have (and planned to sprinkle through the month!  Today I am showing highlights (in my opinion) from various K-Mart ads from October 1984! Some great nostalgia here!

Ah the old character costumes where we wore a mask and a poncho.
What always made me laugh was that the poncho almost never was accurate as seen in these pics.
  Remember this? Not sure if its still done, but back in the day, stores gave free bags meant to be used for trick or treating!
 These I am pretty sure are also from K-Mart and since this is primarily a toy blog, I thought i'd showcase a couple toys but couldn't leave out this great sheet set. Long time readers know that I love Garfield. 
 I loved G.I. Joe as a kid but had very little of the vehicles. Back then I probably wouldn't have enjoyed this but now? I'd be displaying it in a water display lol.
 Star Wars however I  also had very few vehicles (I think I had 1) but I had most of the figures!
 That'd it for today but more to come!


  1. Very true about the ponchos. They are kind of redundant. I love these old ads!

    1. I have many more old ads that I will be sharing after Halloween :)

  2. I would have been a happy kid with the Garfield sheet set. But I had The Empire Strikes Back instead. :)

  3. I wonder what that K-Mart free trick or treat bag looked like. Guess I gotta go find that on Google Images... :)


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