Jada Toys 1989 Batmobile!


Awhile back I got the 89 Batmobile from Jada toys. It comes with a 89 Batman nano figure. I like it a lot. The reason it is showcased like this is my only grope. They used a screw to keep the Batmobile in place but its so small that I can't unscrew it so its stuck to the insert. Thankfully the insert is pretty cool. Sorry for the quality of pics especially on Batman!


  1. What a cool set. I remember seeing Batman 1989 in the theater two days before basic training in the Army. It was the last movie most of the people in my class saw before starting our new career.

    1. It is still one of my faves and Michael Keaton is still my favorite live action Batman (Kevin Conroy is my fave Batman though)

  2. That is a cool looking set. Where did you find it?


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