Hey Guys!

  Hey everyone! I been on a sort of hiatus due to many factors including real life issues, depression, and allergies kicking my butt. However, I am back, but I will NOT be doing 3 posts a week. For the rest of September expect 2 a week ( Mondays and Fridays) and in October? 31 Days of Halloween returns once more! This year, like last year, my other blog Comic Strip Treasures will also be doing a celebration!

 I know its been awhile and I haven't been showcasing much but I have been buying in fact as you can see from the photos (mostly MOTU Origins in the pics) many toys are waiting to be photographed* and displayed. What's worse is I have many more toys in boxes waiting that I got as early as January! This includes Space Jam 2 figures (which I wanted to do before it came out last summer).

 So get ready as posts start next week (as a side note I already have 3 posts scheduled so it is happening)!

*not every toy in the pictures will be showcased.


  1. Good to see you back. Don't pressure yourself with a schedule. Just post when you feel like it. We enjoy it.


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