Highlights from a store ad circa Nov 29 1985

  I thought we'd look at some highlights from an old store ad. I couldn't make out what store (and wasn't any I know of logo wise). Sorry for the quality but this is how some newspaper archives are, I felt you'd like to see it anyway!

 Glo Friends was always my favorite segment from My Little Pony N' Friends and still is. I actually have one of them from this ad currently! I wish they would bring them and Moondreamers back. 
 I think I had 1 sleeping bag my whole childhood. Considering I never had sleepovers and never camped, its not a mystery why. Very shocked that they cost that much back then!
 This shocked me, Pound puppies arent that much more (vintage style) now than they were now! I have many Pound Puppies in various sizes but as a kid I only had the Hardees ones!
 This is bad quality and almost didnt share but you can make out Cy-Kil. Unlike Transformers I had quite a few Go-Bots. I always knew they were cheaper than Transformers but cool to see they were around the price of a joe!
 Thunderhawk and Condor were the only 2 M.A.S.K. vehicles I ever had as a kid. I actually got it at one of (if not my only) birthday party with friends. One day I hope to get it again!
 Transformers, had to share this. I'll leave it at that as I have mentioned my love for them quite a bit!
 Ok I hadnt learned of Baby Brite until a few years ago. This is weird I mean a baby doll version of Rainbow?

 That's all for now but we'll be going back on schedule next month and I do plan to do 31 days of Halloween this year. Also my comic strip blog is returning just in time for my birthday next week so keep an eye out for that!


  1. Go bots always hit the spot when that Transformers figure you wanted was too expensive or just wasn't available. And I never knew Glo Worms were a product of My Little Ponies.

  2. Cool collection of ads. Love it.

  3. I had those glow in the dark Glo-Worm figures! I think I remember owning a spider?


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