Mini Masters!

  When they came out years ago, I couldn't afford $20 for a 2-pack with a diorama piece but now days the mini masters come in a collector case and cost $5 so I have been buying them! As of the time I am writing this, I have 5. All villains ironically. The nice thing is that even though the first 2 waves are blind bagged they have codes so you can know who you have (that is why I have both chases: Slime pit HE-Man and the Skeletor nicknamed Disco Skeletor by the community!) The Greyskull wave is rare in my area and I only have the chase from it but have 4 figures from wave 2! I really love these tiny guys!


  1. Are you looking for the rest of these? If I see them I'd be glad to pick them up for you. I found most of them for Matt at The Toy Box, too, as my area had plenty of them.

    1. I actually tapped out on the series and sent mine to Alexis.

  2. Cool collection. I love the concept of the Greyskull and Snake Mountain blind box. Also glad they are marked. I picked up three Lego minifigs and all three were the same damn violinist. Argh!


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