31 POSTS OF HALLOWEEN: 2020 Halloween Mood Table!


 Well, here we are. This is the end of the countdown, as I stated yesterday, this year's countdown wasn't what I planned but hey that is life. Also even though the mood table was next to my bed this year, it didn't help sadly. Just that kind of year. I hope you all had a great Halloween.

 The mood table is something that Matt from Dinosaur Dracula started and I have been doing for many years myself and sharing here. I planned to show it yesterday but never got around to it but after a long wait, here we are! I decided to do a mix of cute, horror, GID, and more as you can see below. So without further ado:

Well that's it for this year's countdown. I know I didn't stay on a great schedule but I still did 31 posts. Also Comic strip treasures is also continuing. I plan to finish the halloween posts in November  s well as do much more so stay tuned and i'll see you here again soon!


  1. That is a brilliant mood table and what a fun, eclectic collection. Where did you get the plastic mummies from? Was nice to see you back posting this month.

    1. I got them at Dollar General. Looks like they are available every year! TY and though not going to be daily, I will be posting more often :) Also my sister site comic strip treasures concludes its Halloween countdown with its last 6 posts starting tomorrow and fittingly ending on Friday the 13!


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