Time for more ads. These images are from various Phar-Mor ads from the paper! If your not familiar with them, Phar-Mor was a large drug store chain. I remember getting comics there. It was a pretty cool store!
 The main ads that I got the images from:
Some great movies showcased here!
To this day cut-outs are my favorite holiday decorations, to bad they are hard to find. I never knew that PAAS did children's make-up!
Man, do I wish I had these. I love the animated figures for holidays, we had a santa and mrs claus when I was a kid!
Not Halloween, but I added as it was released on video in October and lets be honest Christopher Lloyd's character was scary!
Can't show 80s Halloween ads without showing those horrible costumes that w wore as kids!
Also not Halloween per se, but we always se the prices of toys and how its changed but as someone who wars cosmetics this was interesting as trust me just like everything else this has gone up!

That's it for today, more to come as we get even closer to Halloween!


  1. God, I love these old ads! That Freddy costume is awesome in all it's plastic- ness 🦇Happy Halloween!

    1. Yeah they are cool, plan to show more as time goes on and thank you, Happy Halloween to you to!


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