31 POSTS OF HALLOWEEN: Happy Halloween All!

  This is it, Halloween and is not the planned  post. I want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! Tomorrow will hopefully be the last post of the event (Mood Table) which was planned for today. Sadly this year for me, as was with most, has just been not great and this year for the first time in a long time (if ever actually) I just haven't felt the Halloween spirit and thats saying a lot as one year I was in the mental hospital and another I was in a regular hospital after spraining my knee.  I will say this, I had  great day and got some new toys today and yesterday that I will showcase soon. Yes that does mean what you think it does. I have decided to keep blogging. I'm back for now. Of course I'm not leaving without something Halloweeny to show you. These are screenshots of my Symbiote team from Marvel Strike Force, a really fun mobile game!


  1. Happy Halloween! I’m a bit late, I know, but what the heck....😁

  2. Replies
    1. It was pretty good, thanks. Hope yours was good to.

  3. Happy Halloween. Hope everyone's year gets better. What a crazy year.

    The Spider-verse is expanding which is cool.


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