31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN: Playmobile Scooby-Doo (500th POST!)

  Welcome to my 5'th Annual Halloween celebration! As you can tell, after a year on Instagram (where I will be putting some stuff on this month) I have moved 31 Days back here! I made the decision to also be a Cryptkeeper for the third time after a year break as well! Part of the reason, I came back to blogger is simple: Covid! I just needed some normalcy. 

 I am starting things off  with my 500th post! Yep what a great way to kick off the 5th 31 days?


I am a huge fan of Scooby-Doo. So I definitely payed attention to the news of the Scooby Playmobile figures awhile back! I however chose to skip them as I am not a huge fan of that style! One day last spring I saw a set on roll back (Scooby,Shaggy, and ghost), the one I would have wanted so I got it and a blind bag (which I felt for in hopes of finding the on I wanted). I knew I probably would not be getting anymore, especially if I found the one I was looking for in the blind bags (which I did).

 All in all, they are pretty cool. the "monsters" masks. come off to reveal the crook, which is pretty cool (though not unique as Imaginext and Lego also did it!) The figures have the articulation that you'd expect from Playmobile: arms go up and down, figures can stand, and heads move left to right! Scooby has leg articulation, his head goes up and down, mouth opens, and tail moves. All in all he is the one I am most impressed with. His likeness is really great as well!Shaggy, though looks like a playmobile figure is very much recognizable! 

 The ghost they came with is really cool and glows in the dark! Something I did not realize (later I noticed that it is on the box) and was pleasantly surprised that night! I will say that the figure inside is um odd and very 70s!
 Th blind bags are nothing but villains which is pretty cool. I found the Headless Horseman!
 His mask looks odd as you can see his chin under it (forgot to get pics) but otherwise, its pretty cool.
 They all came with accessories but those are in a box waiting to be displayed. All in all, even as a non Playmobile fan I am impressed and really like these little guys and glad that I got them!
 Well, that's it for day one, more to come here and on Comic Strip Treasures!


  1. Took me awhile to figure out how to comment. Love the Playmobil Scooby Doo sets. So much goodness.

    1. Yeah Blogger changed the settings, comments were off and I had no clue. Hope its all fixed now! Yeah might not be a Playmobile fan but these are great!


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