31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN: Monsters Inc Donald Mystery Mini!

 A few months back I found on clearance at Target some of the Kingdom Hearts Mystery Minis. They were cheap enough that I grabbed 2! Goofy was not monstrous so I won't showcase him until most likely November! Donald however is obviously Monsters Inc. In case you are not aware, in the game series Kingdom Hearts, when Donald, Goofy, and Sora go to lands they usually take a new form or disguise. I haven't played the more recent games in the series but I assume this is how Donald looks in the Monsters Inc realm!
 He is a pretty cool Mystery Mini! The design is very neat. I assume they were going with a Mike look in the game due to the 1 eye!
 I think the coolest feature of this look is the wings!

 That is all for today but more to come!