31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN: Monster High Halloween Shelfie!

  Here is a quickie, but this is my Monster High display that is in my living room for Halloween! NOTE: I have many more, there are just the ones on display in there! Sorry for the picture quality but my front room's lighting is atrocious! 


  1. Nice collection. Loved collecting these for my daughter when she was little. Still have a few.

    1. Yeah I really loved that line but once newer characters were impossible to find and there were huge breaks between new characters, they doomed the line, the relaunch was the final nail in Draculaura's coffin!

    2. I also really liked the Mega Construx Lego type Monster High sets and figures. Though that line stopped as well, they had a fairly nice lineup.

    3. I collected that line as well lol, actually have them on display in my block area in my collection room!


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