This is actually day 15's post as I was sick today and yesterday but wanted to catch up (due to this I will probably be doubling up on posts on comic strip treasures as well this weekend!)

 Today is my annual Frog display post, every 31 days of Halloween, I showcase this display and this is how it looks today. Its currently sharing its home with my skeleton army until November (then my Little Mermaid display goes there until January so my winter village can have her table!) Sorry for the picture quality but my front room's lighting is atrocious! 


  1. Always great to collect something that is just your own (like a specific animal) and then you realize how many things are out there even when you aren't looking. Years ago I collected rhinos and for awhile my daughter loved owls, so everywhere we looked, there was some rhino or owl representation out there.

    1. Yeah when I started I never expected to collect this much. Its at a point that, like Pound Puppies, I actually say no to most plush now lol.


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