I had to do this as one big post because I want post 500 to be "31 Days of Halloween" and have a planned post 499. As such I had to skip a few things such as Transformers (OMG we're getting Beast Wars figures!) and GIJOE Classified. Also Ghostbusters only showed off 2 items: a plasma series Ecto-1 and a role play item.  The biggest news (as I had known about the Beast wars for months due to leaks) was the MMPR Retro line!
  Yes these will be Walmart exclusives (Groan) but unlike the Bandai ones these are not only new sculpts with better articulation but look at the face sculpts! 4 rangers will comprise the first wave! I hope we get monsters to!
 There will also be a large Zeo Megazord coming as well!
 The next big news was confirmation on the new 7 inch line:
 We will be getting one of my very first ranger monsters -King Sphinx
 as well as the freaky Pumpkin Wrapper. He will come with 3 pumpkin heads that you can put on your rangers to replicate that famous scene in the episode!
 They also revealed the next wave of Lightning Collection:

 Red Dino Thunder Ranger
 A single pack of Tommy (previous green ranger was in a 2-pack with the putty!)  This one has the evil headsculpt!
 Speaking of the putty: They are giving us the Z Putty!
Also (was on presale Saturday, not sure if sold out yet) they announced Metallic (Glitter) Pink Ranger with Kat head.
 Last up were the vs 2-packs. B-Squad vs A- Squad blue spd ranger!
 And the one that I screamed out for joy seeing and better be able to find: Red Space Ranger vs Astronema!  Finally Astronema!
 Last up in the reveals I am showing are the GIJOE RETRO figures. If I remember correctly, these are also Walmart exclusives. They are called retro due to packaging as the 3 3/4 figures are modern figures.

Roadblock (with a head sculpt that reminds me of the classified figure's head!)
and my favorite vehicle from joe: the Fang!
 Well that is it for now, but even more coming from me this week: a preview of my new blog comic strip treasures (which is also doing a 31 days of Halloween celebration!) and of course 31 Days of Halloween starts on Thursday and will be my 500th post!


  1. Have yet to see the Walmart GI Joes. Exclusives are starting to irritate me. Oh well.

    1. Same here! I haven't seen the 3 3/4 at all and sigh wm's getting automorphin rangers updates to :(


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