Toy Box Christmas- Part 2!

 Earlier this month I got a package from my good friend The Toy Box! It was what has become a tradition and was a Christmas package, but this time in May! 
 The box had heroes drawn on it like Batman and the letter had a ninja turtle. I thought those were pretty cool touches! Last week; I took a look at the reading material and this week I'll look at the rest!
 Though I have decided not to take a look at the food, I felt this made sense. He sent me 2 cans of Spider-Man pasta!
 He also sent me two cups from Solo! I assume they are from the movie theater but regardless are pretty cool and now reside in my Star Wars collection!
  I also got this game that looks interesting.
 Due to the amount, I won't be doing commentary of the cds but do want to say thank you very much, I really like some of the choices here!
 Now is the time for what most come here for, as I said last week there weren't many but he did send me toys and they were epic for me! Above is a vintage Star Wars toy from 1977!
 First off are these 6 Worlds Smallest figures. I have been wanting these so I was shocked to see them, i will be doing an actual post and individual pics of them very soon, they deserve it!
  As a kid I only owned a handful (if that) of the Captain Power toyline. Lately I wanted to get a few so when I saw these I Was like OMG! He even included stands! 
 Lord Dread.
 Captain Power!
 This last one was fitting! The very first package I received had the batwing from the toybiz Batman line and so getting Joker was awesome. I have since opened him (pic of him and the batwing below) but that is due to the bubble coming off and I was happy it did, I prefer loose figures (I do have some carded though). One day I will have to track down the rest and the dc line as they are mostly Super Powers figures but cheaper lol.
  Again, Thank You very much Toy Box, I appreciate this and your thinking of me! Thats it for this package but more posts about toys to come!