Toy Box Christmas In May? - Part One

 A little while back, I got an e-mail saying a "tiny" package was on its way! It was anything but tiny lol. In it, there were comics, books, toys, food, well a little of everything. While I Won't be showcasing the food, there was some great food that I enjoyed and some I havent had yet but can't wait to eat! 

 This package was the third Christmas package from my very good friend Toy Box! His generosity never fails to surprise me! This edition will focus on the comics, while next Friday, I will focus on all the rest! I will say this, the Spider-Man comics were the stand-outs in the comics for me.
 First Up are various issues of The Watchmen. This is a critically acclaimed maxi-series and has spawn both a movie and a television series, not to mention the characters recently appeared in "The Doomsday Clock" event in DC Comics with the DC Universe characters!

 Next is Wild C.A.T.S. #1. This series spawned a Saturday morning cartoon series on CBS back in the 90s. One of very few Image Comics that did get media made. It even had a toy line by Playmates (based off the cartoon and comic!) I absolutely love them and glad to add them to my collection!

 Before going to the book and Spidey comics, I got the Kingdom Come GN! I loved this mini series as a kid and kept meaning to read it again, now I can!

  Now, as with the Watchmen, I will be just posting images of the Spidey comics with very little commentary, but again, these were my favorites from the comics and I really can't wait to reread some (that i read as a kid) and read some I never read before! Some will be put on display in my collection room very soon!

                                                          AMAZING SPIDER-MAN:

                                                                 MARVEL TEAM-UP:
It looks as if the Maxium Carnage's are signed!
I really love the hologram gimmick! Always did and I got two comics with it!


 Funny enough, I only had 2 Spidey titles in my current collection until now (Ironically enough as he's one of my fave heroes) and they were both WEB of Spider-Man comics so here they are with the two newest additions:

  The last item is definitely awesome! I have been wanting some toy collection books and have thought about getting a G.I.JOE one, well now I have one! I have spent hours since I got this, just looking at and reading it!

 That is it for this part, but be here next Friday for Part two, which includes the toys! Plus be here on Monday for another great post by me as the blog posts are every Monday and Friday! Thank you again Toy Box for this great package!