After a lot of thinking, I have made a hard decision: After this year's 31 Days of Halloween Celebration I will be putting this page on hiatus! However Alexis' Treasures will continue on Instagram as the place to see Kara pics and toys! I have already started posting on there again! For the spooky side of things, I will start adding new content (not just re-blogging stuff) on my Halloween Treasures Tumblr Account!

 So why this decision? Truthfully? On those platforms I don't pay attention to how many see my posts, mostly because they are quicker to do and I have just lost that spark. Hopefully I can regain it by doing this.

 So is this blog closing? No. I will be leaving all posts up and leave this site as is. Also I might return from time-to-time to post, especially if I want to do an in depth article or review as those wouldn't work on the other platforms I am using!

  Will this be the last "31 Days of Halloween" Event? Nope. I have the intention to return every October regardless of if I ever return permanently! I absolutely have a blast with the countdown!

  Anything else? I plan to do a few posts before October but It won't be as many as I used to do, but again just go to my other blogs and you will keep getting my posts! Also I am thinking of possibly using Facebook in the future as well!