Last month I found the Joker Beast from Funko's Primal Age line.  I had been wanting him but never could pull the trigger at $25 but for $8? Ok.
  This guy is great. He has no articulation, but then again neither did Battle Cat, Panthor, or Clawdeen.
  Funko did a great job on him. His sculpt is great.
  I was not sold on the throne but in hand, its not as bad as i feared and keep it on him.
  One thing is he reminds me of a Dewback from Star Wars.
  In case your wondering how he looks with certain lines here you go: Vintage MOTU
  Neo-MOTU (Super 7)
  Funko ThunderCats
  Funko MK
  Funko Zorn
  Funko Horror
 Well thats it for now but more posts to come soon!


  1. Congrats on the pick up!I love all these 5.5 Funko figs and sets but haven't picked any up mostly because I hate Target,lol.If these sold at Wal Mart I'd have a few in my collection by now.Wait,My bad ,I did pick up Zorn .

    1. Gamestop sells them, too. Target seems to be way more willing to take a chance on many lines from smaller companies, though, so I gotta give them credit for that. Unfortunately, it seems like this series might be over. I don't believe anything much new was shown at SDCC and the upcoming Conan line has supposedly been cancelled. I feel like there was so much potential for the DC line, though. Considering Mattel loses the DC license at the end of the year, I would have loved for Funko to have just held off a bit in order to offer up more crazily redesigned characters along with more magical and mythical characters. Doctor Fate, Etrigan, Zatanna, and Swamp Thing would have been amazing!

    2. I'm just too self conscious.I feel odd sometimes going to "Game"stop to buy action figures.Although,most of the time that Is where I'll go just to avoid Target. Brother Midnight made a damn near flawless 5.5 Swamp Thing custom ,not sure If you caught that post

    3. I feel odd going there to buy toys too Tony BUT many collectors do and they are used to it these days. I have also seen the Primal Age at FYE and Funko is ending the 5.5 lines with Thundercats series 2.

  2. Nice find. I've seen several people paint and customize this for their Mythic Legions collections. Great beast with lots of potential.

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