Imaginext Power Rangers: Revisited!

 Not much to say but here is a look at the Imaginext Power Rangers line. Sadly this line ended last year due to HAsbro purchasing the Power Rangers property. While the actual toyline has gotten much better than Bandai's run, the young kid line is worse. Playskool (owned by Hasbro, Imaginext is Fisher Price which is owned by Mattel) now makes them and by pics they stink. Sadly I have seen 0 of the small figures in stores, though I did see some big figures from Playskool. So this is a look back at a great line that ended too soon.

 One note: I own every unique character from Power Rangers except for Finster, Squat, Baboo, the mini Megazord, Alpha, and Zordon. I also do not own any Zords except for what is shown here. They did add some monsters from their space line and blind bags and also did a Zedd Putty - all of which I do not own as I only saw them once at Target and some are now extremely rare!
The original team:
Billy Cranston
Jason Lee Scott (or could be Rocky DeSantos if you prefer)
Kimberly Hart (or could be Katherine Hillard if you prefer)
Trini Kwan (Or could be Aisha Campbell if you prefer)
Zack Taylor (or could be Adam Park if you prefer)
 A new member joins.
Tommy Oliver
The Thunder Megazord (figure size)
A new leader enters as 3 Rangers leave and later another does as well!
Tommy Oliver with Saba and the Tiger Zord!
King Sphinx (A monster of the Week)
Lord Zedd
Pirantishead (A monster of the Week) and putty patrollers
An evil union begins!
Rita Repulsa
 A note about Titanus and why the carrier zord is on the bottom! I just got him. Sadly he was without the original Megazord (but thankfully I had the Thunder Megazord so the looks good (even though they were never in the same seasons as Titanus was in Seasons 1 and 3 and Thunder Megazord was just in season 2!) I found him at Goodwill and was excited as He is my all time favorite zord (second up would be either the Dragonzord or the Tigerzord! Thats all for now, more to come.


  1. That Is a great collection!I'm not even a big Power Rangers fan but seeing almost every major player In action figure form like that Is pretty awesome!


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