Misc Stuff

  Spring is in the air and therefore its time for Spring Cleaning. In an effort to catch up, I Decided to do a misc stuff post. All of the stuff in this post but the item directly below are from 2.99 bags. I got other stuff from them like Disney but those we=ill be in a future Disney post!
  The only items not from Goodwill in this post. These dinos are from the Jurassic World Imaginext line. I have not seen them often and once I decided I wanted them, obviously they were nowhere tobe seen. Recently they started popping up again and I grabbed them!
  Ypu'll notice alot of junk in these bags but I felt stuff I wanted in them made it to the 2.99 price. This is just the stuff i'm showing as some went directly into my bins and will be donated or given away probably. The stuff shown in this post, I either have in my displays or might display one day. I love the Berenstein Bears McD's figure, the army man (I'm getting a good collection of this style now) and that block are also cool. I might have to make my bedroom or front room into an ocean motiff as I have so much water things now lol.
  Kay is from BK and is a stand in until I get the action figure of him in 3 3/4 to go with Jay. The others are a Star Wars clone trooper, a little live pets mouse, and Mr Kennedy missing an arm. Thankfully that is easy enough to hide. All of these are on display!
  See? My army men are expanding! lol
  These cards are with my TMNT things, the bag also had LOTS of vintage and vintage re-released weapons! I also love that nasa airplane!
  My TF superhero squad style figures has grown! Also I love this neat female Imperial soldier!
  The rabbit was part of my Easter display and the Shopkin bag is with my Shopkins, the rest I am debating on what to do with BUT that Small soldiers guy I have ideas for. All but the Shopkin are from Restaurants!
 Misc stuff. Cyborg replaced my older Cyborg that looked like he was flying.
  This demon I really like. Sadly I can't get a decent pic of him!
  Cyclops replaces my previous 3 3/4 version as this one is the 90s look/ Vader and Thor are on display in their areas.
 And of course I have a new frog! this was not in the bags if I recall correctly. I think I paid 99 cents for him! That is all for now but even more to come soon!


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