8-Bit Mega Man

  A few months ago I went to Gamestop for the first time in ages and found not only Gizmo Duck bit this! I love Jaks Pacific's World of Nintendo 8-Bit line (sadly I can never find them) and wanted to grab the Mega Man ones as well.  As I don't want multiple Mega Men and can't find the singles, this is the only set I will probably get!
  These are fantastic! unlike the Nintendo ones the image is on BOTH sides so you can arrange it anyway you want. the Nintendo ones are flat on the back. Also unlike the NES ones, these have minimal articulation (the NES ones have no articulation!) Although I forgot to take pics, they both have removable weapons. All in all these are great figures (the inside of the box can even be used as a diorama as seen here!) If your a 8-Bit fan these are definitely for you and pretty cheap as the two-packs just cost 9.99!


  1. Nice!Mega Man seems to be all the craze these days.I almost picked up the 5 inch figure from Target the other day.Decided not to :(

    1. I've been tempted to get the new line's Mega Man as well (I still need to get Funko's Mega Man and Dr Wiley figures from last year lol.)

  2. Cool figures. The 8-bit style is growing on me.

  3. Mega Man is and always will be the coolest!


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