Back in September, right before 31 Days of Halloween, I promised that "Top 5 Monday" would return and was planned for January, well its back (better late than never right?) 😉

 Although not back as a regular feature, the top 5's will be back from time to time. Today's admittedly was a last minute decision as I have been under the weather (AGAIN!) so I didn't do any posts yet and came up with this idea.

 As most of you know, I moved from San Francisco to Indiana back in 2013. I left alot behind due to no way of shipping it, forgetting it, or just had to make hard decisions. That was this top 5 is all about:


5.  ID4 Alien
  This guy was huge and the only reason I miss him but both his size and weight are why he was left behind! This guy would look so bada$$ in a MOTU display imo. One day I might choose to get him again as he seems pretty cheap on the secondary market!
4. Battle Hawk

Ah the Heroic vehicle that I found at Ross! I really took this for granted. Now it would look so great in my 200X display but alas I left it behind!
 3. Batmobile
 When I made this decision it made sense, I barely used it and didn;'t display back then but now? It would look great with my few animated figures. On a side note I also regret leaving my JLU figures and really cool "The Batman" Man-Bat!
2. Slime Pit

 I was and still am a huge fan of 200X MOTU. In fact with the exception of the two on this list and a Skeletor I disliked, I did bring all my figures with me. The monster sadly broke way before that but I really loved this set and one day hope to get it, the vintage slime Pit, and Harry Potter one so I can have all 3 variations (this being the one that looked NOTHING like the other two!)

Honorable Mentions:

As always here are some honorable mentions before I get to #1!
  This set from Bandai was the villains "Thundertank!" I was lucky to find it at Ross (I never saw many Thundercats in SF as TRU and F-A-O had long closed and at that time I got my toys at Ross and Walgreens - before Walgreens became a good toy hunting area, and expensive comic shops.) I still have Mumm-Ra but chose to abandon his ride due to size but still wish that I still had it!

 Another Victim due to size (a recurring theme) I loved this robot and that giant sword of Omens was so awesome!

 This one I had multiple chances to reget very cheap but never pulled the trigger. It was nice to have it but seriously other than Tygra (which I still have) (and the vehicles, the rest was meh. Thats why this never made the list!

 This one didn't make the cut due to the fact that I finally replaced it at Goodwill this month! Expect a post sometime soon!

This one hurt. I accidentally left these. What comics? My Handbooks to the Marvel Universe and toy related comics including most of the Star MOTU. To this day this hurts so bad. Why not on the list then? Not a toy so this was ineligible for this particular top 5 BUT it would have been #2 otherwise!

 Yeah this HURTS. Especially since I am actively collecting the characters from the 86 movie! However he just did not make the cut due not only his size but his weight. He was too big for a flat rate (I tried) and was to heavy to be in a non flat rate!

 Well theres this Top 5, more are to come! 


  1. I think I can help you out on a couple of these ;)

  2. Total bummer, but I think we've all been through this. Letting things go that we didn't want to. I'll keep an eye out as well.

  3. Great post!That Thundercats playset I might still pick up as a backdrop for my Black Panther figures.


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