Surprise! Brother Midnight Trade!

 Today, we take a look at another trade with my best friend Brother Midnight! As always he proves how much he not only knows me but what I like!
 First up is this chibi Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.
 Next up is this sheep from Barnyard Commandoes. I was happy to get this guy as I wanted at least one from this series!
 A couple Dollar Tree Marvel Busts. I always passed on them but having them in hand, I have to say they are pretty great. They now are on one of my Dc/Marvel shelves. If I could find more I'd get them, but I only see these two!
 Ok these ET looking aliens are just to damn cute in my opinion! I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them!
 Ok so as you may know, I am a huge lover of the Micro Machines. I have a lot of the recent Star Wars line that was released years back for Force Awakens, also have some from Goodwill, but the rest are from Brother Midnight. He is why I have an Action Fleet (which was a spin-off of Micro Machines) and now I have a Z-Bots! Unlike Action Fleet,  never owned a Z-Bot until now and its actually pretty cool!
 Gung-Ho was an exclusive i believe. As I love GIJOe and did not have him yet, he was a great addition.
 I had the Red Ranger, so adding these 2 pint-size heroes is awesome, but not only that, these are 2 of the ones I Wanted the most!
 Ah Jessica, the thing that *** dreams were made of. I had this PVC as a kid so getting it now was great! That and I love PVCS!
This is Burger King Pencil holder Snarf. As a kid I used him as Snarfer. Now he once again is my Snarfer! I love this guy and so happy to have him back!
 My Transformers and MOTU and single My Little Pony have a new friend in my "Loyal Subjects"display! Tigra! In case your wondering why he looks hurt, this is from the Wal-Mart exclusive wave!
 Lots of Generation One Goodness! As you know by now, I am a huge Transformers fan! Barrage ads to my Vintage Insecticons (just 4 more to go - including the one I actually had as a kid!), 2 protectobots and a reissue from Wal-Mart of my all-time fave Transformer Hot Rod (I'll be doing a post about him eventually
 I was also excited to get Molly and Wildcat from McDonalds Talespin. Why?
Because now they are complete!
 I also got lots of Imaginext! Batman Beyond, Mummy set with "King Hiss", and Clayface!

Now I can finally do these scenes:  *BONUS RANDOM IMAGES TIME!*
Batman Beyond V. Blight (Got the idea from appropriately enough, Brother Midnight!)
The Mummy and guards!
Clayface meets the Cat!
 Also included in the trade were the last TWO MOTU MegaConstrux figures that I needed to complete them. Evil Lyn and Faker are great! My only gripe is that her sceptor is built with block pieces. Thats fine and all with Lego, but almost all of my other Megaconstrux figures (Monster High, TMNT, Heroes, Smurfs) have molded weapons and it just looks wrong to me. The only other figure that I have with a buildable weapon is Skeletor's Havoc Staff but it works (and Mr. Fantastic's ray gun thing)
 Last but definitely not the least is Ellie fom Jurassic Park! I wanted this Target Exclusive 3 3/4 figure so bad but she was so rare (I eventually found her once). She will look great next to Grant, now I just need Ian (as I have no interest in Muldoon).   UPDATE: I NOW HAVE IAN!

 Thanks go to Brother Midnight once again. Even more hauls and surprises to come so stay tuned....


  1. Wow I have never seen those ET looking figures before they sure are cool looking.

  2. Love the mummies. And yes, agree with Bob Johns above - what are those ET figures from?

    1. Honestly I have no clue but the date was the late 80s IIRC.


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