Quick: My Little Pony Update!

Welcome to the first "Quick" series post and the first of the new Tues and Thursday only schedule. This series is where I do quick posts (like Random Image). The idea is that this way I can still have content even when not in the mood or frame of mind to do posts! Hope you enjoy!  Note: Regular style posts and the regular Schedule of Mon, Wed, and Fri will be returning in May!
  Back in January I found the vintage re-release of 2 of the My Little Pony's. Its nice to finally have a couple as I don't mind reissues.
  Here is one with a vintage Potato Head Kid and Glo Friend! As you can see I now have true representations pof all the shorts (excpet Moondreamers) from My Little Pony N' Friends!
  Also here is an update of that display.
 As you can see, its no longer in the collection room and is now front and center in my living room!