APRIL FOOLS 2019 PRANK: I guess this is it! BIG Simpsons news!

 I've been waiting for Disney to mess with something since I first heard of them buying most of Twentieth Century Fox and I guess this is it! Today Disney released a press release about the Simpsons and its future and um its not good news. First off they are pulling it from FOX (like they did with Clone Wars by putting already completed episodes that were to be on Cartoon Network on Netflix, they are throwing the episodes that were to be Season 31 - now being called the lost episodes rather than season 31- on to Hulu) and after 3 decades the Simpsons is basically over. They are revamping it and making it a kid-friendly series. Say WHAT?  Here is what they had to say:
" After thirty years it is time to say goodbye to the old Simpsons and hello to the new Simpsons! Beginning early next year, go to the town of Springville and follow the adventures of Lisa Simpson in the new series "Lisa Simpson" from Walt Disney Animation! In this all new series, pre-teen and middle schooler Lisa Simpson (Peyton List from shows like "Jessie" and "Bunk'd") must navigate through life in school and her annoying big brother Bart (Zach Efron from "High School Musical"), who just so happens to be a member of the school's coolest gang the Millhouses! To make things even worse, Lisa and Bart's mother Marge (Helena Bonham Carter)  is the school principle! At home, things aren't always great as well as stay at home Dad Homer (Tim Allen, who will be a guest) isn't the brightest and tries his best to take care of Maggie (Frank Welker ,Transformers and Scooby-Doo, also as a guest). "

 Um What the *BEEP*?  First of all a school based series and no longer being set in Springfield but the fictional town of Springville? They also keep going on in the press release about other crap like how it is time for a new school drama on Disney Channel and what better show than Simpsons? Oh I did mention that Homer and Maggie are just guest stars as 99% of the series will be set exclusively in school? They also say that they are going to have fun with Tim Allen as Homer by doing jokes like him trying to play Buzz Lightyear and everyone saying that he sounds nothing like him! This just sounds terrible. I try to wait and see, but oh my God how could they?

 Oh and before I go.... Happy April Fool's Day!

 I'll be back Wednesday with a trade with Brother Midnight!

Art from Emerson E. Cello and past episodes of Simpsons!


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    1. Yeah this year I put some real thought into my prank, last years was literally last minute and showed!

  2. I'm really digging the new style animation of the family that was part of the prank. Interesting.

    1. Yeah when I found that image i was like dang too bad this kinda style isn;t being used lol.


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