Random Image

 Dealing with some stuff so thats why no post lately but here's a random image. Even more Goodwill hauls, other hauls, and a trade with Brother Midnight are to come probably next week and this week expect one more random image! Thanks go to Brother Midnight for Jessica!

 Hey need a lift?


  1. Roger Rabbit! Loved that movie. They don't have enough collectibles. Nice score. Stopped at a Goodwill today for the first time in a long time. The store was huge - but they had almost nothing in the way of toys.

    1. Some are like that. In San Francisco NONE of the Goodwills had toys except for the one on Mission and Van Ness and that only had baby toys, in fact I was so shocked to find toys at both Goodwills here, I had no clue that they sold toys! lol


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