Goodwill Haul

Due to my hiatus and feeling sick, I have a huge backload of hauls, so today we begin those.
 Hey everyone, todays post is a shocker to me because I had thought that I had posted this already. A couple months ago, I had decided to go to Goodwill on the first Saturday of the month, which is the day that everything storewide is half off (at least its here).  I was pretty excited by the haul, lets take a look shall we?
 These 3 were in a $2.99 bag (1.50). When I saw it was all 3 characters, I just had to get it. This isn't vintage and is from the Disney Store but who cares? These guys are so cute (I love the Disney Store and wish that we had one here).
 The next bag I got only due to just 2 items. Most of the stuff was junk that I threw away BUT these were keepers. That Reindeer feed will be a great Christmas scene addition and the goose, though an ornament, is hanging on my bedroom wall above my fragile animals shelf! The reindeer is in storage until Christmas!
 However these are the whole reason that I purchased it! Flounder and Sebastion are from McDonalds and are ornaments. With these (which are on my Little Mermaid shelf), I now have 2 of the 4 waves completed as I have the Cinderella mice, now I just need the Rescuers and Oliver and Company to be completed with these!
 These I got for 50 cents each and was stoked. They are both on my fragile animals shelf. Whats so cool is that during the holidays I got a voltive holder of a cardinal and now I have a blue jaye figure. Why is this so cool? Just so happens that those 2 are my all-time favorite birds! The Anklyosaurus is cool as well!
 This is a swoop bike.  I assumes that it is from that failed mashing line where you could take parts of the figure off and interchange them, but have no clue.
 My favorite vehicles in Star Wars have to be the speeders and the walkers. This AT-AT plush is also just so dang adorable!
 Strife here is from the childrens line of the Transformers movie figures but he is still cool, especially for 50 cents or so.
 I only bought this Warcraft figure for 2 reasons: 1 he was just 50 cents and 2 he looks good as a villager in a Thor or Motu display!
 Now this I was ecstatic about! This figurine feels like (but isn't) an old school Secret Wars era IM. I love that its now in my collection!
 Sewer Samurai LEO. My favorite Leo (ironically all 4 of the turtles in this wave were my favorite versions of them!) So while I was happy to add him, I had to laugh about this:
 No i'm not a Leo fan (I'm a Mikey fan) but when it comes to vintage turtles (as in the 4) I only find Leo. While I have found Krang, Fugitoid...etc, I only have ever found Leo out of actual turytles (vintage, nick is a diff story). In fact all but the original Leo above were found at Goodwill.
 And now I have just two more to go to complete that line-up )(Undercover Don and Space Cadet Raph) On a side note, I also find it hilarious that I keep finding Leo as I have NO vintage era Raph yet lol.
 Last p is this monster. Its an Imaginext Transforming Batcave (deluxe version- as theres another version with one of the levels taken away to make it smaller). I got this for less than 2 bucks and is now the centerpiece of my Imaginext DC display.

 That's it for now, but much more coming!


  1. Awesome gets!You gotta be super lucky to find Ninja Turtle vintage goodness In a Goodwill.The oldest thing I've ever seen at my Goodwill was the lady behind the counter.

    1. I agree, but for the most part I have been lucky, just wish I could find a Raph lol. I
      laughed at the lady comment (Heck I found MOTU at Goodwill.)

  2. I need to start looking through Goodwill again... I like the idea of using the Warcraft figure as a background character... I have always complained about lack of such figures in toy collections.

    1. Yeah It really annoys me. Thats what I like about the older Star Wars lines and such, you got everybody so displays could be made.

    2. Back in the day Star Wars "people" were the same scale as Fisher-Price Adventure People and they could all share the same adventures together.

  3. Nice haul. Great vintage Turtles. Can't go wrong with an Ankylosaurus!


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