After a month long hiatus, I have returned as promised! I needed to deal with personal stuff and kept getting sick due to this yo yo'ing temperature up here in Indiana! This post is long overdue and I apologize to my friend The Toy Box that it took this long. Last month he once again gifted me a box of goodies and I greatly appreciate it! Inside were Holiday candies and snacks that are long devoured but were great and toys!
  I haven't decided if I will open this or leave it as one of my very few unopened toys but omg Kitt! I loved Knight Rider as a kid and even had a Kitt car like this one. This is so awesome.
  As many of you know by now, I love Transformers and related properties. One of those said properties are the McChangeables! I didn't have either one of these yet and my dino collection is growing!
  The stegofries was the under 3 toy!
 As a huge fan of the Peanuts (and comic strips in general - as a future feature proves), this crayon set is cool!
  Especially love the art!
  I have been wanting the old Star Trek Mego figures but never took the plunge. Well now I have Kirk and Scotty! They look great with Chris Pine Kirk as well. These are surprisingly my first ever MEgo figures (past or present) that I Know of!
  Ok I am happy to have this Rambo figure, been interested in him ever since so many have talked about him. The only bad thing? I never saw any of the Rambo movies or cartoon. Whats so odd about that is I love war movies and Stallone.
  I am one of the minority but I love the Tyco Willow line, so when I got all of these I flipped. I went from 0 to all of these.
  Whats even cooler is I need just 2 or 3 more to have all of the ones I had as a kid!
  He also sent me these issue 1 comics. I never heard of any but I do enjoy them. Topps comics was actually a company I really loved as a kid.
 Last up is the best imo. As you all know by now I love GIJOE And I love the vintage line so getting 4 is awesome. I didn't have any of these (the closest is Wet Down which was a repaint of this Torpedo)! Even bigger a deal? I have always wanted a Doc! I also had Tunnel Rat as a kid and the Tiger Force deco of Recondo so all 4 of these were awesome additions to my collection! Thanks to Toy Box for these great gifts!


  1. A++++,DUDE!Awesome package!That Rambo Is nice and clean ,too.Complete vintage Joes!Good stuff.

    1. yeah the Joes were a great surprise but complete too? :O Recondo even had a flag point with him!

  2. Willow!!! Would some company please make some more of these? Also, love the Stegosaurus Fries.

    1. I do as well, also I agree on Willow maybe eventually!


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