Young Justice: Outsiders (Minor Spoilers)

  Young Justice finally returned earlier today on the DC streaming service DC Universe! After all these years was it worth the wait? That is not a simple answer sadly. The good thing is it begins just where it left off with Nightwing leaving the team and then fast forwards two years. Ms. Martian now is bald and white instead of pretending to be a green martian and leads the team, Aqualad is now Aquaman and leads the Justice League. Due to Luthor being in a place of power in the government, the legaue's hands are tied and many of the members (mostly ones tied to Batman) leave the team to work outside the lines they are stuck in. Plus Black Lightning also resigns but due to the guilt of killing (accidentally) a 14 year old meta on Raan. All of this happened in the first five minutes or so, so you can bet it was fast paced.
  Meanwhile we get other cameoes such as Troia (Donna Troy?) and Garth (original Aqualad not Beast Boy, his cameo is in episode 2).
  The main plot so far this season is that kids are being abducted that have the meta gene and are forced into experiments to activate that gene! So a group led by Dick go to shut down the traffickers once and for all! My theory is that this is just a part of the season as Apokolips DOES play a part in all of this, we even saw odd looking parademons in the premiere.
  So in many ways it is just as good as the previous two seasons except for one: its graphic. I feel like I am watching a DC animated direct to video movie and not a continuation of the series that originated on Cartoon Network Saturday mornings. I knew it'd be more mature but this? People died in the original series sure but wow! Dead kids being buried, blood, and more, it just feels wrong to me. Am I happy that its back and will keep watching it but am on the fence on if I like it. Its just a huge 180 in comparison to the other 2 seasons! It really should not have been season 3 but a spin-off in my opinion (yes continue it but its so different that it feels like a whole new series!
 This scene made me almost cry. Thats Brucely (pronounced Bruce Lee), Wally's dog. Wally died in season two's finale so seeing his dog cuddling a doll of him just made my heart sad.


  1. o.O they can't just kill off Wally West.He is part of the speed force so he is still around somewhere just like beings of the green( like Swamp thing , Black Orchid and poison ivy) are never truly gone when they die and will always come back.

    1. Oh I agree 100%! Wally will be back, maybe not until the end of this season or next season if there is one but yeah if it lasts much longer, he'll be back i'm sure. They even have the actor playing another character (The Forager I believe) which really makes me think they did this so that they can sneak Wally back without us knowing ahead of time!


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