"Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas..." Wait thats not right, didn't we just have Christmas? Normally I don't get ornaments but when I saw these I was like I want them, especially on clearance! All are Hallmark too!
 BB-8 is a flat ornament but for a dollar or so I Was like ok. Also he looks pretty cool. I think during the off season he'll chill in one of Star Wars areas.
 Kylo here will also chill in my Star Wars area during the off season. He was the first of the 3 that I got. HE just looks so great. Ironically I think this is my first representation of him in my collection.
 "Hehe Oh Boy!" Mickey cost me 90 cents at Dollar General. I Got him cause I thought he'd fit in with Disney figurines during the off season.
 As you can see here, he's a little tall for the figurines but he'll still fit in well.


  1. As a kid ,I would grab up ornaments like that Kylo cut off anything that made it look like an ornament and use it as a regular action figure. Solid ornament.

  2. On a side note.I may have just broken the record for overusing the word ornament in a blogger comment.

  3. Brilliant to grab as much as you can on post-holiday clearance. The discounts are typically awesome.


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