Some of my Christmas displays!

Today  is Christmas Eve and we are taking a look at some of my Christmas displays!
  Here is my sort of permanent display (it will be tweaked once I take the other displays down as stuff from those will be added.) Its right next to the permanent Halloween display!
  My Christmas Village!
  A few things and my Nano Metals display!
  My Christmas cards I've gotten through the years. Fun fact: That Charlie Brown card not only talks but is my oldest card of these as I had it in San Francisco and was given to me by Cassie! Last up are my trees:
 My tree in the living room. Notice that I have a train track with Thomas minis around the tree. I did that as I get Thomas minis for my stocking every year so most of those were opened on or around Christmas!
 The pink tree as always is in my room and has a coke Santa, cardinal, and a turkey nutcracker (doesn't work as only a figurine) around it!

 That is all for now but have a safe Christmas holiday! (More posts are coming)


  1. That top pic is like a whos who of childhood icons.Frosty,Rudolph,Charlie Brown,good stuff.

    1. Never thought of it but your right lol. It even has Cabbage Patch Kids and for more modern kids era Monster High! lol


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