Polly Pocket

 One of the coolest returns in 2018 had to be Polly Pocket! This is a line that I wish I had as  kid so finally getting one now is great.
 Like the original's, the mini sets turn into lockets like the one I own.
 The inside is pretty cool too and opens to a whole playset. Nothing is removable however.
 Those white circles are how Polly sticks to the playset (which is also an issue).
 The only movable thing is the door.
 Which opens to show a sticker of dresses!
 The figure itself is pretty cool but has no articulation.
 The one issue is here legs which are a flimsy material with magnets. Thankfully when I removed her from the playset after taking pics, she didn't break but I have heard reports of the feet staying put and ripping right off!
 All in all I love this and hope Mattel (who makes Polly Pocket) returns to the boy version as well (Mighty Max!)


  1. I thought these have always been out?I used to pick them up all the time for my daughters.Unless it was a totally different line.

    1. I think this is the third gen of her now, bit she was gone for awhile so it must have been a different line lol.

  2. Very cool! Will have to pick some up for my nieces.

    1. They are cool and well priced. They even have 4 inch (I believe, might be smaller) action figures of her as well!


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