New Arrivals is back! We'll start with my non Christmas stuff!
 Some of these things will be focused on in future posts!
  First up I got a Thomas blind bag, I actually got 2 but holding on to it and a Transformers one for Christmas!
  Speaking of Transformers, I found the Battl Master (target Master) Lionizer from the all new "Seige" line and the older Ramhorn from the "Titans Return" line. Is it just me or are they getting smaller? Titans Return and Power of the Primes' Prime Masters also included tiny robots, Lionizer is all you get!
So am I wrong or are they getting tinier?
  I got Lion-O from the Funko "Savage World" line. Mine seems to have decent QC (many are broken in or right after the package. Also saw Mumm-Ra but chose...
  She-Ra instead. The pictured one is actually a gift for a friend but I got myself one too. Used his as a pic as I forgot to snap a pic of mine in package!
  Also for the first time in ages I got books! I got 4 but only showing one off (as the other is Christmas related!) I love Snoopy so I of course got this but I was also fascinated with a story without the Great Pumpkin set during Halloween and made AFTER the special!
  They had all 4 in this series but I only got this one as I have little "Prehistoric Animals" books compared to Dinosaur ones!
  Last book is a big one for ME! I finally found "My Teacher Fried My Brains!" Why is this such a BIG deal?
  It completes the series! Now I just have to Complete "Bunnicula" and "Scary Stories to tell in the Dark" to have the big 3 "Children's Books" of my childhood (in my opinion!)
 Last up is not something I got but something that my now former Case Manager got me (she sadly starts a new job on Monday the 3'rd) on her vacation! I requested the guide map and she got me one and an hours sheet too. These will be treasured and added to my "Disney collection" soon!
 That's it for now, but more to come soon!


  1. That "Seige" line is very tempting.Although the only thing I want out of any contemporary Transformers line today is that darned retro Bumblebee.Can't find that anywhere :(

    1. The G1 reissue with new head or from the new movie?

    2. Reissue with new head.Can't find that sucker anywhere!Was it even released yet?

    3. Yes and No. It is not in Stores here in the States but is semi-available online. I want it too, hate Wal-Mart Exclusives, they did this with the Deluxe Hot Rod from the "Last Knight" film, eventually found him at "Ollies" of all places!


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