Mickey's Holiday Hardees Plush

 Back in 2016 I showcased the first two of these that I replaced, since then? I now have the complete set once again!
 They look so great together don't they? I'm so happy because this completes another restaurant plush collection, last year I completed on as well:
Muppet Babies (the only series of plush that I wanted that I did NOT have as a kid!)
 Goofy, as stated earlier, was one of the first two that I Replaced.
 The other was Minnie!
 Last year I was able to add Uncle Scrooge, but refused to get the last two Mickey and Donald. Why? The principle of it! Goodwill sold the others for 99 cents but wanted 1.99 each for Mickey and Donald, I know it sounds petty but the truth is that I only had like 5 or 10 dollars left and was getting Scrooge and a few other things and didnt want to waste it on two overpriced plush (IMO as 99 cents s the going rate for that size there, I know 1.99 is still cheaper than most other places). However earlier this year I found them again for 99 cents, in fact Donald was on sale for 50 cents I believe! Sometimes it pays to wait!
 Mickey Mouse
 Donald Duck
 Now that those are done I can begin my focus on the other Hardees Disney plush series that I owned as a kid:
Currently I have Lady. Fun fact: I remembered these so fondly that I bought a modern Lady plush that is the same size just due to nostalgia and then found the vintage not too long after! I Should point out that I am also collecting the Disney ornament plush from McDonalds and so far have the mice from Cinderella and still need the Little Mermaid and Oliver and Company ones! *Sigh* it never ends does it? 😺


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