Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2018

  This is the front of the box, as always it looks fun.
 And here's the back!
 The doors inside.
 The "Play mat"
 Days 1-6 (out of order though)
Days 7-12 (out of order though) 
Days 13-18 (out of order though)
Days 19-24 (out of order though)
 My overall thoughts? Meh! Its nice to get the characters and ships as I have so few Star Wars Lego's but the nice thing about these calendars is the holiday theme. The past 2 years (that I have been collecting them) have been lacking. At least last year we got a snowblower, a sleigh, and a BB-8 with snow board and a Santa hat. This year? The only holiday stuff was a moisture farm thing done as a Christmas tree and the snowman that we got on Christmas eve (instead of the traditional Santa like character like C-3p0 as Santa or BB-8 with Santa Hat). As it stands, unless next year's looks better, I will be doing a new Advent Calendar next year. Don't get me wrong I love the stuff its just it was a little disappointing and i'm underwhelmed. The Gorilla Walker was from a polybag and the other walker in the middle was from last year's calendar. I love walkers so was excited to get the new one!