Funko's Savage World Lion-O

 So I recently bought Lion-o and glad that I did! Man this 5.5 figure is great. He comes with the sword of omens and his claw shield!
 I actually think that he looks better than the original, He sort of looks closer to the cartoon in my opinion. You can also see him with his 2011 (3.75 version) counterpart.
  Next to vintage Ma-Mutt he looks ok I guess....
 but he looks great with 2011 Snarf!
  Who would have ever thought that we would ever be able to do this?
 Here he is with all of my Funko 5.5 figures (all but Zorn are "Savage World!)

 That is it for today but more to come!


  1. Those Savage World figs are pretty dope!That vintage Thundercats line could have been a whole lot better.You'd think they would have been alot more pose able seeing as how they are cat hybrids.I miss my 2011 3 3/4 TCats figures.I had Lion O and Panthro but just never continued collecting them.I think I either traded them away or sold them on ebay.I may snag them up again at some point.

    1. True but glad they aren't as this makes them more realistic as vintage style! I have at least 1 of every character from the 3 3/4 line with the exception of two as they are rare (Tygus with Tiger Flyer and Slithe from the deluxe line!)

  2. Cool figures. Can't get enough Thundercats. Never collected them but always liked the design.

    1. Yeah I love the Thundercats. I had them as a kid (and have a few now), also have most of the 2011 3 3/4 line, a few Funko Pops, and now this! Sure I missed something lol.


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