Before I begin, I would love to wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope it is/was a great day!

This post is about what I got in my stocking, for those who do not know, every year (been doing this for about 4 years now as a tradition) I put candy/goodies and blind bag toys in my stocking.

 So this is what I got in my stocking this year:
  Boo here is from Squish Deelish a line from Jakks. Though this is an oddity! Why?
  Here is his back, notice something? He's not even an option! I guess this ghost is snakier than Nintendo made us believe!
   These are a staple in my stocking. Every year I put a My Little Pony blind bag and a couple Thomas ones and this year was no different! The pony is awesome (Fire Streak) and I love that Cammo train. Makes me think G.I.Joe!
  Next up is a cutie (Milo) from the new Calico Critters Baby Band Blind Bags! Comic Mickey is from the 90'th (can you believe he's 90?) Anniversary blind bags for Mickey's birthday!
  Last up are some Transformers! Grimlock, Kre-o Nosecone, and a pair of scissors and a rock. Wait a minute!
  These are Bot Bots, a new Transformers line that is a mix of Shopkins and the Transformers and I will look at them and 2 others I got before Christmas soon. This one is Slobber Rock!
  And this one is Snippy Snappy!
Before I go, I get toys for Kara for her Yoda stocking and this year's selection was this Penguin two-pack with catnip inside! As you can probably guess, she went nuts over them! That's it for now and again have a Merry Christmas and in case I do not return before New Year's (which I do plan at least one more post before then), have a Happy New Year!


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