Stan Lee, R.I.P.

 Sadly I was extremely busy yesterday so I am extremely late with this post so instead of an announcement like I normally do, I thought I'd do a little more. Regardless I knew that I had to do something. As I do not own any of the merchandise showcased, everything on this post is via a Google search. If I used your image and would like me to take it down please let me know, thank you!
 As you all know by now, Stan Lee died at the age of 95 yesterday. While it is understandable that he died (he's 95), it hit me pretty hard. Stan Lee was a major part of my childhood, more than you might thnk. He narrated many pf the Marvel cartoons that I Watched like the 80s Hulk and at least one of the 80's Spider-Man toons. He even was the one who introduced the cartoons for the syndicated cartoon Marvel Action Hour. Which was by far the best version of the Fantastic Four and Iron Man up to then.
 On a side note, Iron Man from the "Marvel Action Hour" still remains the best version of him in a series named after him (however Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes is by far the best cartoon that he was a star of). Fantastic Four I think is still the 90s version, but I will admit that the 60s version is a very close second!
 I owned the book "How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way" as a kid and
 Owned his Marvel Universe card!
 HE obviously also has appeared in countless movies in cameos and many more. He even has a Masters of the Universe Classics figure and a Garbage Pail Kids sticker!
 So this is to you Stan "The Man" Lee, we may have never got to meet, but like you did to so many others, you definitely made a difference in my life, thank you and you will be sorely missed.


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    1. Agreed, I think if he was here right now he would award you with a No-Prize!


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