Down Memory Lane: Pictures! My 400'th Post!

 Welcome back to 400 Days of Halloween, wait that's not right, oh whoops, welcome to my 400'th post! For my 400th post, I thought that I would share some pictures that I found and that my Dad recently sent me. All are Halloween related!
Mom and me. Notice all of those Berts!
Vampire me and another vampire.
Mom and I getting ready for Halloween!
Introducing myself to someone new! I love meeting new people don't you?
Meeting Frankenstein during summer! (Universal)
Beetlejuice! (Universal Studios)
Hanging out at a graveyard!
My nephew and I hanging out with some Peanuts! Notice the fall decorations and Waldenbooks in the background! Boy do I miss Walden!

Sorry this was late but we'll be back on schedule soon and I still mad Day 13 before it was day 14!:D    That is it for now but be here tomorrow as we continue to countdown until Halloween!


  1. Awesome photos. Congrats on 400 posts.

  2. I hardly remember what I was on halloweens .I do remember one year in the late 70's I had one of those costume with the inflatable head and it was horrible.


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